Innovation in design.

Manufacturing narrow fabric knitting machinery and related components.

Our knitting machines produce circular or flat knitted materials used in various industries.  With our 60+ years of combined experience, LAMB also designs and manufactures specialized knitting equipment for unique applications. 

Our experience in designing and manufacturing precision cylinders and needle plates allows us to provide parts with uniform slots as thin as .009-inch.

Careful consideration of the customer’s desired knitted structure are reviewed and discussed with the customer.

Value, Dependability and Productivity

Since 1867, LAMB has manufactured knitting machines for various industries, which allows us to customize our solutions specifically for each client, and their project needs. Our commitment to your satisfaction is built into every machine shipped and is what keeps these machines producing quality knitted materials for years.

The home of the LT150

The LT-150 is a hand-cranked circular sock knitting machine unlike any other.  This machine’s rotating cylinder and cone-shaped ribber provide needle motion for effortless ribbing.