Model 2NBA / Z-250 Knit Braider


Circular Warp Knitting Machine

The Model 2NBA/Z-250 warp knitting machine is the second type of the original LAMB 2NBA Knit Braiders. It is specifically designed to accept heavy denier yarns and to knit braid ropes and gasketing materials from 1/2″ to 1.5″ in diameter. The use of stationary packages not only eliminates the need for costly yarn respooling (bobbin winding), but also results in longer runs between yarn package changes. The 2NBA/Z-250 is available in a wide range of needle gauges for knit braiding materials such as lead ropes, gasket ropes, lantern wicks, and “braided” rugs.

For special circular warp knit applications, LAMB also offers the ECM Knit Braider. The ECM is designed for medium and fine gauge applications such as conduit sleeving and hose reinforcement.

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Needle System:

Latch needles on single cylinder and single feed system with two stitch repeat sequence.

Cylinder Sizes:

Working diameters from .57″ to 1.5″ [14 to 39 mm]. Needle gauges from 2.5 to 10 needles per inch.

Operating Speeds:

800 to 1000 cpm {dependent on needle gauge of machine}.


Solid or multi-color round, with or without core, flat and tubular flat knits for use as belts, ropes, home furnishings, gasketing and sleeving materials.


Roll-up attachments, stop-motions and counters.