Model ST3AH/ZA


Single Feed, Small Diameter, Circular Weft Knitting Machine

LAMB’s Model ST3AH/ZA is one of the simplest and fastest “jersey” knitting machines available today.  This machine is used for knitting soft cords and tubular tapes.

The Model ST3AH/ZA knitting machine has been in production for over 50 years.  Cords knit on the ST3AH/ZA are used as trimmings for apparel items, drawstrings in sportswear and bathing suits, boot laces, ear-loop cords, macramé and decorative cords, and many other similar products. Other applications of the ST3AH/ZA include medical products, filtration materials and home furnishings.

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Needle System:

Latch needles on single cylinder and single track cam system.

Cylinder Sizes:

Working diameters from .20″ – 1.3″ [5 to 33 mm].

Operating Speeds:

1000 to 1500 cpm {dependent on needle gauge of machine}.


Solid color, coarse, medium, and fine gauge knit materials in sizes from 1/8″ [1 mm] to 1-1/4″ [30mm].


Roll-up attachments, stop-motions and counters.