Model VR1021


Flat Weft Knitting Machine

The VR1021 replaces the well-known LAMB “V-Bed Border” machines that have been sold since 1930, many still in use today. It is designed to knit flat rib, tubular jersey or a combination of both (new) in materials up to 8 inches in width, simply and dependably. LAMB has combined the time proven concept of V-Bed knitting with the latest in linear servo motor technology to offer the most innovative and efficient machine of its type.

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Needle System:

“Hi-Lo” Butt Latch needles on two flat needle plates mounted in an inverted “V” formation with single yarn feed system.

Needle Bed Sizes:

10″ [254 mm] of needles in needle gauges from 5 to 20 gauge with replaceable fore-cut sections.

Drive & Control System:

Individual linear servo motors are used to produce the needle and yarn feed motions. LAMB’s exclusive VR software allows operator to control each individually or as a single system through either buttons on a touch screen display or via an electronic hand wheel.

Operating Speeds:

60 – 180 courses per minute


For the production of rib knit tapes and/or jersey knit tubes as well as solid or up to six color vertical stripe trimmings.


Stop-motions, roll-up attachments, and power feed.

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