Using the experience and knowledge gained in designing and manufacturing knitting machines since 1867, LAMB has developed the techniques required to manufacture high quality, precision cylinders, cams & needle plates.

LAMB manufactures these components as replacement parts on new or used machinery regardless of original brand. With your submitted drawing, LAMB can manufacture your knitting component out of tool steel, stainless steel, or mild steel. All parts are hardened to provide maximum wear under the demanding conditions of high-speed knitting.

Cylinders for Circular Knitting Machines


LAMB has invested time and resources in developing our cylinder manufacturing process. Details on set-up, tooling, heat treat specifications and post hardening coating methods have been studied and documented. Such expertise allows us to manufacture cylinders with needle densities as fine a .018-inches per needle (.46mm). LAMB can manufacture cylinders to your specifications, from 3/8" OD to 7" OD. We also offer special finishing and coatings that lend a low coefficient of friction for delicate knitting materials.

Cam Systems for Circular Knitting Machines

Circular Knitting Cams

LAMB has developed a precise and highly controlled procedure in the manufacturing process of circular cams. LAMB can manufacture circular cam systems to your specifications up to 7.5-inch OD. Cams are turned, milled, heat treated and ID ground. Typical cam systems are manufactured out of tool steel.


Needle Plates for Flat Knitting Machines

Isaac Lamb's first Knitting Machines incorporated flat needle plates. LAMB can manufacture needle plates to your specifications up to 6-inches wide and 36-inches long. We manufacture needle plates from precision ground flat tool steel. Standard needle plates are slotted from 5 cut (5 needles per inch) to 20 cut.

Needle Plate

Cam Systems for Flat Knitting Machines

LAMB has been designing and manufacturing cam systems for flat knitting machines since the late 1800’s. LAMB can manufacture flat cam systems to your specifications and detailed drawings. We manufacture flat cam systems from precision ground flat tool steel.

Flat Knitting Machine Cams

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