LAMB offers custom knitting machines for unique applications in addition to its standard machine models.  Special versions of the machines described in this website include weft knitters with jacquard capability and warp knitters that produce square products to name just a few.  As a leader in the narrow fabric industry, LAMB is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that are required to produce the narrow fabric materials of today and for the future.  For information on solutions to meet your special requirements, please refer to our Research and Development Services.

LAMB designs customized machine frames to accept auxiliary equipment that enhances the performance of its machines.  This equipment includes stop-motions to detect yarn run-out, counter-controls to stop the machine after a preset figure has been reached and several types of roll-up units.

Since 1867, LAMB has designed and manufactured the finest knitting machinery for the narrow fabrics industry. The extensive knowledge and expertise accumulated over 150 years, coupled with the latest technology in manufacturing machines of this type, assure quality, dependability and value in every LAMB machine.



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