Model ST2B / HS-R


High Speed Single Feed Circular Weft Knitting Machine

The ST2B/HS-R is specifically designed for knitting small elastic or rigid cords up to 1/4” (6.5mm) diameter at the highest speed possible – over 2,000 courses per minute. It features a special cam profile as well as tool steel cylinder & cams.

In addition, the ST2B/HS-R is equipped with two special Stop-Motion features. The first is a Cord Tension Detector that senses a lack of tension on the cord between the knitting head and take-down. A special yarn break detector designed for the ultra light yarns often used in knitting thin cords has also been incorporated in the ST2B/HS-R.

The ST2B/HS-R also features a surface drive roll-up that winds the cord on to spools (14” maximum traverse). It can be shipped with either a cross-wind for flangeless spools or a parallel wind for spools with a flange.

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