Model WrpW-11


Flat Warp Knitting Machine with weft insertion

The WrpW-11 offers a simple and dependable alternative for knitting various types of narrow flat tapes. It has a single warp feed system for knitting and a single weft feed system. The warp feed system can be set by cams to knit either a “chain” or “lock” stitch base fabric. Equipped with an 8-inch needle bed, the WrpW-11 can be set-up to knit a single piece up to 6-inches wide or several narrower samples simultaneously.

A special version equipped with a double weft feed system is also available.

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Needle System:

Latch needles on a single flat needle plate.

Needle Bed Sizes:

8″ [203 mm] of needles in gauges from 5 to 16 (needles per inch).

Operating Speeds:

300 – 800 courses per minute producing 40 to 75 yards per hour.


Trims and tapes (solid or with stripes), elastic flat tapes, ladder, bolt hole and channel tapes for industrial applications.


Roll-up attachments, and stop-motion assembly.