LAMB machines have been used in jewelry and crafts since the 1960's when macramé yarns & cords were commonly found in plant hangers, place mats and warming pads. Today, LAMB machines are used to create all types of novelty yarns used by specialty textile producers, home knitters, hobbyists and artists.

In addition, many types of craft jewelry incorporate knitted materials. Such items include knitted handbags, bracelets and necklaces created with precious metal wires or specialty yarns.  Because a knit material is flexible, it is especially suited for these types of products.  In addition, the open mesh loops that can be created in a knit tube allow the use of filler materials, which add yet another design element to the final product.
A few of the items described above include the following:

Click on the model(s) listed next to each application for additional information and images of materials they produce. Please CONTACT US to determine which model is best suited for your particular application.



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