LT150 Circular Sock Knitting Machine


Model LT150 Circular Sock Knitting Machine

LAMB’s Model LT150 is a modern generation of the original TUTTLE Circular Sock Knitting Machine, designed by Dr. Calvin Tuttle. LAMB Knitting Machine Corporation produced the Tuttle machine between the 1890’s and 1920’s. In commemoration of our 150th anniversary, LAMB is proud to offer this machine to home knitters, educators and hobbyists once again.

This machine incorporates all the features of the original Tuttle along with some new features to provide the operator with maximum versatility.  The rotating cylinder allows the operator to knit a two-feed material creating horizontal striping.  This feature also makes knitting fair isle easy as the yarns will not twist on each other.

The LT150 provides the operator with the capability to create the following knit structures:

  • Single Feed jersey materials
  • Single Feed Rib materials
  • Two Feed jersey materials – not available on any other circular sock knitting machine.
  • Alternating rows of Single Feed Rib and Single Feed Jersey materials – not available on any other circular sock knitting machine.

This machine is available with the following cylinder and ribber combinations:

  • 44-needle cylinder with 22-needle ribber
  • 66-needle cylinder with 22 or 33-needle ribber
  • 60-needle cylinder with 30-needle ribber
  • 72-needle cylinder with 24 or 36-needle ribber

The following video features the ribbing with two feeds knitting on the cylinder.  Please visit our YouTube Channel “Lamb LT150 CSKM” for instructional videos.

We are taking orders for this machine and will be happy to answer and questions you may have, please contact us.